Mission Trips


South Africa

For over twenty-five years St. Peter has worked with Pastor Mandla Khumalo to spread the Gospel across South Africa. In recent years, our focus is on working with the preschool, Bethel, and day school, St. Peter Christian College, that we have helped establish as well as job creation and mercy work in the community. Learn more at FullLifeinChrist.org/southafrica.

The schools are located in a township of Middleburg, South Africa.  Bethel Preschool has over 300 children and St. Peter Christian College has over 600 "learners."

Over the last six years, we have been blessed to be able to do the following to support the development of St. Peter Christian College:

     *Share chapel offerings to support student scholarships with over $20,000 given in recent years.
      *Start a soccer program complete with uniforms and equipment through the support and generosity  of Elite Soccer in Arlington Heights.
      *Begin a band program with donations of musical instruments from families the school and church.
      *Provide teachers and classrooms with resources, manipulatives and other materials with the donations of St. Peter, Arlington Heights teachers, staff, and church members.
      *Provide over 500 books to start a library.
      *Provide and install some playground equipment through a donation from Allstate.
      *Provide socks, school supplies, and health kits through collections by our school's students and their families
       *Donate some laptops and document cameras for teacher usage.
        *Fund a majority of the buildings built for the school from our church's offerings and special donations.

St. Peter sends a mission team each year comprised of teachers, staff, school parents, and church members. St. Peter, Arlington Heights has initiated a "Student Ambassador" program, which selects two current seventh graders to join the Mission team each summer.  While in South Africa, the ambassadors have opportunities to:
      *play with the students
      *help students with their studies
      *share their talents with the school
      *teach the students games
       *teach Bible lessons to various classes
       *assist the teachers
       *lead chapel for the school
      *prepare skits to perform for the classes
      ......and so much more!

God has blessed the mission trips in fantastic ways. Check out the reflections from past Mission Ambassadors:

"I will never forget the sound of everyone praying out loud in their own language during one of the church services.  I felt strangely at home there.  It made me wonder what heaven was going to sound like."                             
                                                                    -Alyssa, 2012 Ambassador

"I saw God with the people and kids we helped.  These little kids are just the most sweetest  kids you'll ever meet.  They're loving and adorable and kind."
                                                                     -Kayleigh, 2013 Ambassador

"I don't know if I have ever really felt love like I do for these kids before.  I have felt many different types of love, from the love I get from my family to the the love I feel for my closest friends.  But this love was different- it was amazing;  it was the type of love God tells us to share with others." 
                                                                     -Gracie, 2013 Ambassador

"I will forevermore think of these kids as my brothers and sisters in Christ.  I also became best friends with the whole mission team in a forever bond that I will have the rest of my life."
                                                                     -Jodie, 2013 Ambassador

"I learned that kids are pretty much the same all over the world and we all have the same hopes and we all have the same basic needs.  We all wanted to be loved.  We all want to feel special.  We all want to have a friend." 
                                                                     -Bridget, 2013 Ambassador

"I got to teach Thato violin and it was great see how happy he was to be able to play a tune for the first time.  Then Thatho gave his speech on our final day at school.  He said he "can't believe that people from another country could be so nice to them," and it show how much it means to go spend time with them.  Even though we went to serve, we got a lot back in return."
                                                                       -Luke, 2015 Ambassador

"They taught me that music can touch the soul.  Whenever I would play my flute for them, their faces would light up.  They especially liked when I would play "Amazing Grace" and they would sing along.  Their singing also touched me.  They sing so passionately and the harmony is so amazing. 
                                                                       -Jasmine, 2015 Ambassador




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