Athletic Registration Form

2018-2019 Athletic Registration Form

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Contact Information - To be used for team communication from coaches and athletic director and in case of medical emergency

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Medical Clearance - In order to participate in St. Peter athletics, each student must have a certificate of physical fitness issued by a licensed physician not more than 395 days preceding any date of participation on file at the school (IHSA/IESA By-Law).

Date of your child's medical certificate of physical fitness on file at St. Peter (dd/mm/yy): 

If the date of your child's medical exam preceds 395 days, when is their next anticipated exam? 

Athletic Participation - Please check the sports your child plans to participate in this upcoming school year. 


Cross Country (6-8 Boys & Girls): 

Running Club (4/5 Boys & Girls): 

Volleyball (6-8 Boys & Girls): 


Basketball (5-8 Boys & Girls): 

Cheerleading (5-8 Girls): 


Track & Field (5-8 Boys & Girls): 


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