Wish List

Sometimes you may want to give something “over and above” to help the school continue to improve and meet its goals. The staff at St. Peter has prepared a “wish list” of items that are needed to meet the educational needs of our staff and school.

Download the 2018 Wish List.

To make a donation towards an item on the Wish List, send a check to St. Peter Lutheran School with “Wish List” and the items description in the memo line.

All gifts are tax-deductible and will be acknowledged with an official receipt.

Give Now


Bible Commentaries Series (25)    $55/ea               $1,375 total

Altar candles and holders                                             $850 total



Performance Risers (4)                    $1,800/ea          $7,200 total

Classroom Smartboards (3)            $2,500/ea          $7,500 total

Track Glider for Playground                                         $3,000 total

Additional Playground Bench                                      $500 total

Hallway Murals (3)                             $1,000/ea          $3,000 total

Bulletin Boards (7)                             $300/ea             $2,100 total

Gaga Pit Playing Surface                                                $4,000 total

Collaborative Learning Tables (6)  $150/ea            $900 total

IPads for Extended Care (5)            $450/ea            $2,250 total

Document Camera (6)                       $150/ea            $750 total



Lightboard for Life Center                                          $2,300 total

Robotics and Coding Curriculum                                 $2,200 total

Staff and Faculty Laptops (7)       $1,000/ea            $7,000 total

Apple TV units (6)                            $100/ea                $600 total


Security Upgrades                                                        $25,000 total

LED Classroom Lighting (3)           $2,000/ea            $6,000 total

Outdoor Bike Rack                                                           $500 total

Smart Thermostats (8)                   $300/ea                $2,400 total

Floor Detailing System                                                   $500 total

Outdoor Lighting Upgrades         $250/ea                $2,250 total

Narthex Entry Doormats              $380/ea                $1,520 total



Orff Instruments (4)                        $750/ea                $3,000 total

Instrument Storage                                                         $5,000 total

Choir Risers (4)                                  $1,800/ea            $7,200 total



Heart Rate Monitors (40)                              $60/ea     $2,400 total

Pedometer Kit                                                                 $1,500 total

Gym Sound System                                                         $2,500 total



Restaurant Gift Cards (10)            $50/ea                   $500 total

IPad                                                                                $450 total

Laser Tag Set                                                                     $700 total