Speech and Language Services

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Speech and Language Services 

St. Peter Lutheran School offers speech and language services.  Students are regularly monitored for success academically and in areas of speech articulation, voice, fluency, and receptive, expressive and social language.  At times, we may plan short-term speech-language services to address mild needs and teach strategies to students or we may decide we need to refer for a complete evaluation.  The evaluation process can take up to 60 days once consent is signed by a parent or guardian. 

When are services offered?  Mondays, Tuesdays and Thursdays from 9:30-2:30 PM.

To whom are services offered?  Kindergarten through 8th grade students who qualify for services.

What screenings do we perform?  Speech and language screenings and observations.

Is there a fee associated with these services?  No

Whom should I contact with questions?  Kate Ipsen, St. Peter and District 25 Speech and Language Pathologist, can be reached by appointment, by email at kipsen@sd25.org, or by phone at 224-387-3883.

If you have concerns about your preschooler, please contact Greenbriar School, District #25.