Special Education

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Special Education Services

St. Peter School believes that all students can learn and have great God-given abilities which enable them to contribute to our community.  We know that the path to excellence is different for each child in our school. St. Peter offers several services to help students make the most of their educational experiences and reach their full potential.  Children with mental, physical, social, and emotional challenges as well as learning disabilities receive support from our Special Education and Student Services Team.  Services are offered to kindergarten through eighth grade, and the student service and special education team also meets with preschool teachers during the transition into Kindergarten.  Support for each learner is grounded in service learning and accommodation plans and may range from assistance in the general classroom to direct instruction in special education classes.  St. Peter School partners with District 25 and outside evaluators to determine the best support systems for our students who are looking for special education services.  The special education coordinator also attends transitional meetings.

When are services offered?
Monday through Friday from 8:00-2:30pm

To whom are services offered?
Kindergarten through 8th grade students who qualify for special education services.

What curriculum is used?
Classroom curriculum coupled with Envision Math, Treasures, Making Connections, Read Naturally, Touch Math and additional supplemental material.

Is there a fee associated with these services?  No

How does the local public school district (D25) work with St. Peter regarding special education?
Special Education Services for Private and Parochial Schools

What is the St. Peter RTI Tier Framework?
RTI Tier Framework for Kindergarten

RTI Tier Framework Grades 1-5

Whom should I contact with questions?
Colleen Bukala, Special Education Coordinator, CBukala@FullLifeInChrist.org, phone - extension 165