Differentiation Services

St. Peter Lutheran School offers differentiated math and reading teams forDifferentiated Learning 1 grades 1 – 5.  This approach is based on the belief that we are unique gifts of God, created with various talents and interests.

Our goal is to provide opportunities for children to reach their full potential and have success with the core curriculum. This is accomplished by offering three math and reading teams at each grade level (1st – 5th) which provide appropriate challenge and pacing, critical thinking activities, varied learning formats, and flexible groupings.  St. Peter also offers differentiated math and science teams for grades 6-8 which follow a similar format.

The team approach allows us to combine students from each grade-level class and provide three different teams led by grade-level teachers and support staff who collaborate weekly. Our teams allow all students to interact with the same core curriculum with varied activities and pacing, and focus on the specific skills children need within each team. This approach narrows the zone of ideal learning within each team for more targeted instruction, promotes periodic combined team activities to foster unity, and provides quarterly opportunity for review of team placements.

We have found that this approach is building student confidence, increasing skill development, and fostering an environment where strengths and struggles are accepted and differences are celebrated.

When are services offered? Teams meet Monday through Friday during school hours.

To whom are services offered? Differentiation instruction is facilitated in classrooms 1st-8th grade.

What curriculum is used?  Envision Math, Treasures, Making Connections, Read Naturally, and Touch Math for grades 1-5

What is the St. Peter RTI Tier Framework?
RTI Tier Framework for Kindergarten
‚ÄčRTI Tier Framework Grades 1-5

Whom should I contact with questions?  Mariana Knea, Differentiation Coordinator, is available by appointment, by email at mknea@fulllifeinchrist.org, or by phone at 847-253-6638 extension 148.