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Counseling and Student Life

St. Peter School encourages intellectual, spiritual, and personal growth.  We believe it is our responsibility to support students and families as they grow and development in these areas.  St. Peter provides many opportunities for students to reach their maximum potential and helps students to live the full life that God created them to live.  To facilitate this, we provide individual counseling relating to mental health, behavior, social, and emotional issues.  Additionally, we offer support groups in areas of social success, organization and stress management, grief and loss, transition, and impulsivity.  Students are also offered opportunities to use their spiritual gifts and passions through service learning and extracurricular programming.  We continue our services in the home by assisting parents in accessing programs available to students with special needs.  We provide consultation to families, teachers, and staff regarding social and emotional, mental health, and behavioral issues.  St. Peter hosts parent and teacher resource meetings on a monthly basis to encourage communication and collaboration between home and school.     

When are services offered?
Monday/Wednesday/Friday from 8:00-2:30pm

To whom are services offered?
Kindergarten through 8th grade students

What screenings are performed?
Various screenings are necessary depending on student.  All screening require consent.

Is there a fee associated with these services?

Whom should I contact with questions? 
Kelly Baker, School Counselor, is available by appointment, by email at, and by phone at 847-253-6638 extension 196.