A.C.E. Arts Culture and Entertainment

The St. Peter' s A.C.E. or "Arts-Culture-EntertainmentProgram ACE Chess 3features after school and evening activities which provide an enriched educational environment which supports the development of the “whole child.”  It allows students who are typically staying in our extended care program additional opportunities for learning, exploration, and utilizing their gifts.  It also allows these opportunities to take place in the St. Peter Lutheran Church and School building so parents do not have to take their children to as many activities in other locations and with other outside agencies. The ACE program provides classes for our students in preschool thru eighth grade as well as adults. The program has classes that are taught by staff, parents, as well as outside agencies.  They usually meet for one hour or less after school each day of the week.  Class options have included cooking, Spanish, dance, knitting, soccer, basketball, robotics, discovery science, fencing, watercolor, ceramics, choir, acting, tennis, golf, and animation.  Students and parents enjoy the programs because of their diversity, time, cost, and location.  The program supports the needs and gifts of our students that would not otherwise be met in a classroom setting during the day or in a regular after school care program.

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      ACE Fall Flyer 2017
Registration materials and fees are due by September 15, 2017.

All registrations and payments for A.C.E. programs are non-refundable.

Program Coordinator:  Bruce Rudi