Academic Competitions

Walther Award 3St Peter students participate and use their God-given abilities in a variety of academic and fine arts competitions throughout the school year.  These competitions often include participation at the:
  1. National Geographic Geography Bee
  2. Scripps Spelling Bee
  3. Assoc. of Christian Schools (ACS) Math Competition
  4. Assoc. of Christian Schools (ACSI) Art Competition
  5. Walther Lutheran School Academic Olympiad
  6. Illinois Lutheran Honor Band
  7. Great America Music Festival

Awards Received Recently:

Walther Olympiad

2011 - 2012     Over-All Social Studies Champion
2012 - 2013     Over- All Social Studies Champion
2013 - 2014     Over-All Math Champion
2014 - 2015     Over-All Social Studies Champion

Great America Music Festival

2012                   Middle School Choir- Superior Rating
2013                   Middle School Choir- Superior Rating
2014                   Middle School Choir- Superior Rating

Individual Recognitions:

2014                   Celebrating Art Contest:                                                    
                                 3rd Grade Emma & 4th Grade Kaylee 
2014                   Illinois Art Education Poster contest:
                                  2nd Grade Joe​
2014                   Walther Lutheran Over-All Academic Grade Level Winners
                                  7th Grade Diana & 6th Grade Cade

2014 State Science Fair Winners:

                             Gold and Silver Metalists:
                                   7th Grade Neal, Megan, Cassidy, Nick, Diana & Scott
                              Best of Category for Botany:  
                                    7th Grade Neal                                                        

2014 Creative Communications:   

                              Published Poets:
                                    Kindergarteners: Matthew, Damian, Nate
                                    8th Grade Bridget
                              Published Essayist:
                                    8th Grade  Kayleigh

2015 Midwest-Ohio Valley Association of Christian Schools Math Competition

                                   1st Place- 8th Grade Diana, 7th Grade Cade
                                   2nd Place- 7th Grade Kyle, 5th Grade Kaylee
                                    1st Place- 6th Grade Joshua

2015 National Federation of State Poetry/Manninghaur Trust Contest
National Level
                                     4th Place- 7th Grade Hannah
                                State Level
                                      3rd Place-  8th Grade Elizabeth
                                      Honorable Mention- 8th Grade Hannah