Ways to Get Involved

Alumni involvement in our school is an added benefit to our staff, families, and students.  Many alumni that have served have shared that giving back brings them great joy as well as an opportunity to keep the legacy going!


We would be honored for you to become involved in St. Peter today.  The following are ways to consider to become involved:
  • Serve as a classroom aide
  • Share your vocation with a class
  • If you are a veteran, share your service with a class
  • Serve as a mentor or tutor to a student
  • Sponsor a child with tuition coverage
  • Pray for the children and teachers in our school
  • Assist in our school programming...athletics, music, drama, art and more


There is always a need to improve our programming with additional funding.  Alumni are some of the most generous benefactors we have!  We welcome your participation in the following ways:Donate
  • Fill a need on our annual Wish List
  • Contribute to our student Scholarship Fund
  • Donate towards a programming need such as technology, fine arts, athletics, classroom furnishings, or academic enrichment.
  • Make a contribution in honor of someone
  • Make a memorial contribution 


We look forward to alumni actively participating in a variety of ways. Check the following opportunities and become involved today!

  • Class Champion - Champion your class with keeping your classes information updated
  • Reunion Committee - join the group to plan for connecting opportunities for our alumni groups
    • Alumni Golf Tournament
    • Alumni Day at Community Threads
    • Current High School Reunion Gathering
    • Current College Reunion Gathering

For more information or to be connected to one of the above opportunities, contact Julie Klopke.