Alumni Couples
Great memories abound from our alumni while at St. Peter Lutheran School.  Many of the experiences listed below were shared and celebrated at during the past two alumni gatherings. More alumni memories can be added by sending them to Julie Klopke, Asst. Principal at St. Peter      (

These memories are listed below from oldest alumni classes to most current.  Please find your class and classmates and see what they remember about your special times at St. Peter.

Eleanor Albrech Runge (38) Mr. Kanz, our 1st & 2nd grade teacher had two separate reading groups.  One group was called the "sugar bowl." You were placed in that group if you knew your lesson.  Imagine my heart-breaking experience when I, who was always in the suger bowl, forgot to study a lesson and landed in the other group - "slop pail."  I believe that was my most embarrassing time in eight years.  One of my fondest memories was our children's choir under the direction of Mr. Preuss.  We sang acappela and won 1st place at the Talent Fest at River Forest College.  We were in competition against schools from Chicago.  We also sang over two radio stations.  Other memories:  Our daughter was Jean Runge, who died shortly after graduating in 1960 of cancer.  We were so thankful that both she and her brother, Russel, attended St. Peter school.

Roger Fricke (38)    In competition with children choruses from the entire USA and our four part accappella chorus won.  That's the only time our director, Teacher Preuss, cry.  I've been singing Barber Shop ever since.

Roger Grandt (39)    When I was to model the girls childrens choir robes and all the kids laughed at me.

Lois Fricke Oehme (39)    A group of girls would walk to Mr. Kranz' house after lunch and walk him back to school.

Lois Eich Burrow (40)    My class was confirmed on St. Patrick's Day.

Irene Eiler Dodge (40)    My memories of St. Peter are many and dear to me.  The day I started, I met a friend, Lois Eich and the two of us were together thru our school years.   As high school students, our lockers were together.  Lois remains a close friend to this day.  I also will never forget the teachers at the school.  Mr. Busse, my sixth grade teacher; Mr. Preuss, my 7th grade teacher and choir director; and Mr. Kolb, my 8th grade teacher and of course, the best teacher in the system.    The choir was very important to me and to this day I'm still singing with my choir at Trinity Church, Villa Park and also with the Elmhurst Choral Union.  Our choir at St. Peter even won contests held at Concordia, River Forest.  What a thrill that was!  I have many fond memories of my school years and cherish the friendships I still have with some of my classmates.

Joan Bowen Malzahn (42)   Carrying littel flags and walking from school to a farm near Ridge and Oakton Streets for our "school picnic" and some years later riding in the back of Fred Kehe's big truck, parked full of kids, headed for Elk Grove park for "school picnics."  Drank lots of pink lemonade because it was free. Walking to the Old Folks Home at Christmas and singing German Christmas carols.  I still remember most of the words of those carols.

Jeanne Miller Scwimley (44)    I liked singing in the children's choir for four years

Loraine Mensching Sheahen (45)    English teachers from Arlington High recognized Mr. Kolb's students from St. Peter as having a superior understanding of English sentence construction.

Mary Ann Heimsoth Thompson (45)    Taking first place in a choir concert under direction of Mr. Preuss in River Forest and winning the first place baseball trophy under the coaching of Mr. Oberman.

Carolyn Blaschke Luempert (48)    Teachers had double classes in upper grades.  Teacher Busse taught arithmetic.  Teacher Preuss was our music source for singing, Christmas programs, and chorus plus yearly plays.  Teacher Kolb made sure you knew proper English with memory verses to use for our whole life time.  Teacher Bathje was the principal and taught geography.   Our education was very sold- for our future life time.

Joan Meyn Brant (49)    Mr. Preuss- singing in his choir, practices after school, 3 part singing and traveling to other locations to join other choirs.  Also his spelling class- being row monitor.  Mr. Kolb- his dedication to detail in our grammar studies stays with me today.

Darlene Maierhofer Purcell (49)    Playing softball behind the church.  Little meetings to plan our strategy.

Jeanetter Drewes Dister (50)    There were six girls in our class and 21 boys.  The girls sat across the back of the classroom (especially in 7th grade, Mr. Kolb's class) becuase, of course, we were perfect angels and better behaved.

Marilyn Meyer Hermann (50)    My special memories are of teachers whose care gave us a great start in life.  WE may not have had a gym but what fun we could have outside one the street, sidewalk, and ball field next to the church.  An embarrassing moment for me was to run into another pupil playing "Red Rover"-  I loosened a tooth- the other person was fine luckily and Mr. Burger pushed my tooth back in place.

Wayne Meyer (56)    I remember the time in Miss Ruth Going's first grade class when I learned to read....Maybe it was a page of the good old reader featuring Dick, Jane, and Spot.  I'm not sure.  Anyway, the content was important, but the process was.  Perhaps there is even some sort of link here to the fact that I turned out to be an English major, then a composition teacher, and then an academic librarian. 

Joe Horcher (58)    I'm at an age where most memories of my time at St. Peter have faded but here's a beautiful one.  Walking into that beautiful old church at Christmas time for the annual school program.  The sight of those wonderful Christmas trees, so lovingly decorated, right down to the individually placed pieces of tinsel just took your breath away.

Evelyn Blume Braun (52)    Christmas Eve services in the old church.

Ronald Becker (54)   My participation in the 7th & 8th grade productions of "The King Sneezes" as Willie Belldropper and "In Walked Judy" as Jitters.

Carol Jean Freise Fogarty (54)    Going up the very worn stairs and seeing the rope for the bell.

Marcella Beigel Burger (56)    Being in the operettas.  Still remember the song.

Bonnie Lippke Meinert (56)    Christmas Eve program...sacks of fruit, nuts, and candy

Lars Anderson (58)    My favorite memory was graduating.

Dennis Bartelt (60)  In 5th grade being caught be Mr. Hermann with a spider's web of rubber bands in my desk.

Sandra Brockmann (60)    I remember winning a spelling bee in 8th grade.  It was a thrill since spelling didn't come easy to me at the time.  I will never forget how great the moment for me.  I also remember the questions Pastor Bartz asked me on questioning night for Confirmation.  "What would you do if a baby was in critical condition.  Could you baptize the child and if so what would you do."  My answer was "Yes, I can baptize the child by putting water on the head, baptizing in the name of the Father, and of the Son, and of the Holy Spirit."  That too has stayed with me all these years.

Bonnie Freeman Davis (60)    Mr. Kolb had the boys sit on one side and the firls sat on the other side by height.

Marjorie Engelking Kitch (60)    Some of the best memories are the Christmas programs- the practices, the program itself, and the bag of goodies we got afterwards.  Also best memories include field trips- riding the train to Springfield and the museums.  Playing at recess on the playground.  Embarrassing?  Losing the Spelling Bee on the word PANTRY!

Kathleen Klehm Marinangel (60)    Christmas Even church services with the children's programs.

Arlene Mueller Meyer (60)    Our 8th grade class trip to Springfield

Joyce Kolze Vittorio (60)    Swinging on those amazing swings with my friend Dawn Nebel, playing dodge ball, playing tag around the church, and the Springfield trip in 8th grade.

John Meyn (61) Playing on St. Peter's sports teams

Maureen Davis Olson (61)    I do remember painting the school windows at Christmas time and going back to the classroom after Christmas Eve services for a treat bag.

Nancy Kreft Farionos (62)    My favorite memories are being in the choir with Mr. Hermann, being a member of the softball team, being part of the yearly Christmas program, and receiving our bag of oranges, apples and nuts.  My first boyfriend in 1st grade- Ed Dierchs.  My first kiss- Ray Roth (not in 1st grade). My first official boyfriend- Keith Adkins.  I have so many more!  All wonderful.

Pam Fruehling Sherman (63)    I loved that as a girl, we had lots of sports we could play and compete.  Most of the girls at that time didn't have that opportunity.

Gary Anderson (64)  8th grade graduation- giving the address at the graduation ceremony.  The extreme nervousness of standing in front of the class, parents, and members of the congregation.

Kathleen Landwehr Barnett (64)   Mr. Hoffschneider's dance of the Spring Maidens.  Singing in the choir from 2nd grade through high school.  Being chosen to portray "Mary" in the Christmas program and the 8th grade trip to Springfield, IL.

Ken Meyers (64)    Some memories:  1. Talking sermon notes while sitting at the Pastor's desk in the sacristy when on acolyte duty.  2. The transformation of the old cafeteria into The Cellar during the Shadows of Kings and Mauds rock and roll era.  3.  Christmas Eve pageants and the bags of nuts and fruit we received.  I seem to remember spending Christmas vacation cracking nuts for my mother from six bags of nuts.

Ardith Erickson Ouellet (64)    Vicki Kranz and I were always together and could never control our laughter.  Mr. Martin called us "2 Peas in a Pod."  We got kicked out of class for laughing several times.

Paulette Berg Brockmann (64)    At one time the church/school picnic was held in Busse Woods.  I looked forward to it every year!  The church service was held in the meadow and the Men's Club had games and food booths in the woods. 

Ronald Koelper (64)    Here's an embarrassing moment as I got in trouble:  I was in 3rd grade for reason there was a tradition that students did not have to sit with their parents during church.  I think it may have gone back to a time when men and women sat in different sections of the church.  Anyway, the students would congregate in the balcony on the north side of the church.  Pastor Bartz, our new pastor, was giving Holy Communion and one of the students dropped a gum wrapper which floated down and landed on Pastor Bartz' feet.  He looked up at us and I immediately felt "God's eternal judgement."  On Monday, our 3rd grade teacher called us up individually and asked us to sit with our parents.  End of that tradition.

Judy Koelper Boscamp (65)  So many wonderful childhood memories, grate friends, a feeling of belonging to something really special.  I loved the volleyball, softball, basketball, and cheerleading teams.  They made each of us feel like "Stars."

Orchard Battistoni Utzinger (65)  Everyone could be a cheerleader (if they were a girl) and everyone could be on the football team (if they were a guy.)  I got my white shorts and red v-neck  sweater and was a cheerleader for one game, but I didn't understand football and felt like a fool so I dropped out of cheerleading and sign up to be a libray aide.  I never have regretted being a librarian.  I also loved painting the windows outside the gym with tempera paint at Christmas time.  Do they still do that?

Jack Dabbert (65)  Watching baseball games in Mr. Kiel's class.  Practicing for the Christmas programs and getting out of class.  Winning our 8th grade football championship with Mr. Martin.  Having the opportunity to wrestle and being glad that Tom Herbst wrestled the blind student instead of me.

Nancy Dabbert Carlson (66)    Loved the Christmas pageants then when it was over we got a sack full of fruit and nuts.  One year we got a cross if you put it up in the light it would glow.  It also came with a stand so I put it right next to my bed.

Larry Geyer (66)    Playing my Hawaiian guitar in front of everyone at a talent show in the old gym.

Kathy Dolinajec Kolb (66)    On our graduation day, there was a tornado in Arlington Heights.  No power, no school, no rehearsal.  The great class of 1966 still graduated that night. 

Nancy Harth Hull (67)    I loved all the after school sports.  I remember Mr. Martin came to my home with rubbing ointment so I could run in the track event when I pulled a muscle in my leg.

Linda Laubensteir Mundt (67)    Not a favorite...but certainly felt embarrassing at the time.  My sister and I walked into ST. Peter for our first day of classes in the fall of 66, having transferred from a parochial school in another city.  Much to our horror, no other girls in sight were wearing socks.  They all had nylons on.  We dashed into the nearest ladies room, removed our socks and hoped bare legs would get us through the day.

Janice Herbst (68)    My favorite memory would be the Christmas Eve service.  The anticipation of finding out which service I would participate in then all of the rehearsals prior to the Christmas Eve would stir up wonderful memories.  In my mind, there never will be Christmas Eve services like those where Mrs. Bartz and Mr. Hermann were involved.  Attending St. Peter was such a blessing in my life.  I am so fortunate that I had parents who understood the value of a Christian education.  I met friends in kindergarten and second grade with whom I am still friends today.  My Christian education game me a base upon which to build my life.  I honestly do now know aht I would do without my faith.

Sharon Luker (68)   I remember all the good times playing on sports teams.  Also remember Mr. Martin's loud voice booming at gym.

Ruth Ann Lindemann Marcelli (68)    Confirmation Day- very happy, joyous occasion.  Graduation Day- very sad tht this chapter in my life had come to a close.  Very appreciative about high school

Alecia Lindholm Nelson (68)    I always will remember Mr. Martin would say "That's not my cup of tea" if you did something he didn't approve of.

Wayne Geyer (69)    Intramural softball and "murder ball"

Cheri Howe (69)    Favorite memories- 8th grade Springfield trip, Christmas Eve services, orchestra concerts, and the 8th grade "camera day."

Joann Labantschnig Jaskiewicz (69)
    I guess my favorite memory I have was in 5th grade having gym with Mr. Martin.  Our activity that day was soccer.  Well, I went to kick the soccer ball and as I kicked the ball, I heard a crack.  I actually got a compound fracture and a cast up to my thigh.  I remember all my friends when I came back to school having to sign my cast.  Well, one person wrote his name as big as can be.  Well, I was so worried I would get in trouble so my girlfriend at that time rewrote her name over his name because they had the same amount of letters.  Never will forget this.  Another favorite memory was the Christmas services, I loved being a part of it.  I remember Mrs. Bartz, Mr. Hermann, and other planning them.  I loved going and watching the little ones and others sing.

Steven Cage (70)    It was neat to be in the first class that went from kindergarten through 8th grade in the "new" school on Olive Street.  The nearly two hour bus commute daily for 9 years made for some interesting experiences.  In any case, my favorite two memories at St. Peters came long after I graduated and included marrying Sandy Giese, a long time St. Peter member who I met in high school in a military wedding in front of family and friends after graduating from West Point.  Having my daughter, Kris, baptized in a very cold Chapel with our families present on a cold day in December on our first trip back to Illinois a few months after she was born at Walter Red Army Medical Center.

Jane Lindemann Kubicek (70)    I think my favorite memory was all the picnics at Busse Woods.  We'd get a ticket for free ice cream or bottle of pop.  We played games and at hotdogs.  I'll always remember how much fun those church picnics were.

William Joerns (71)    Performing in Christmas Eve services, my mom teaching at St. Peter, and Mr. Martin directing the first all boys chorus.

Don Luker (72)    During a basketball game I shot the basketball and it got wedged in between the rim and the back board.  I turned bright red.

Lynette Burmeister Perry (72)    The Round Up Basketball Tournament, square dancing, and the "Opportunity" play.

Peggy Freuhling Siems (72)    Don Hermann was my favorite teacher.  I love music to this day and attribute that to him. 

Sue Cage Burgess (72)    I loved square dancing in gym class in 8th grade that Mr. Vogel taught us.

Bill Koch (73)    Walcamp- Cantiguy- Field Trips- Springfield Trip- "Round Up" basketball and sports week.

Jill Markussen (76)    Walcamp- falling in the creek while goofing off.  The youth room activities and talking with Mr. Prahl.  It was a fun and safe place to be.

Suzane Atkinson Ray (77)  In speech class, Miss Seegers had us do a demonstration speech.  I chose to demonstrate how to make peanut butter ball cookies.  I dressed in a country outfit and did the entire speech with a southern accent, only to be 5 seconds short on time!  I'll never forget Miss Seegers asking me, "Are you sure you're done?  You don't have anything else to add?"  I said no, then realized as I headed to my seat, that in order to get an A, my speech had to be a minimum of five minutes long and I was five seconds short!  She then told me she gave me an A anyway since I did such a good job on retaining the accent throughout my whole presentation!  Thanks, Miss Seegers!

Ruth Hornbostel Holland (79)    8th grade boys basketball team won the championship

David Kieffer (79)    My favorite and most embarrassing moment was in 8th grade gym class.  I was never known for being very athletic.  The class was playing softball and I was positioned in the far right field as usual.  Jim Kubik hit a high ball right to me.  Much to my surprise, I caught the ball!  The entire games stopped as the class cheered my accomplishment.  Fred Martin ran out to the far right field. He was one truly supportive teacher that one can have in your life.

Claudia Kieffer Kirby (83)    We had such a wonderful class.  I had nothing but good memories of all of you.  Of course, lots of laughter with my best buddy, Liz Berg.  Also great memories of countless drama and and musical productions with Rich Schoenberger and Donn Hermann.

Lisa Lestina (83)   Walcamp.  8th grade to D.C. Sneaking into the teachers' lounge and the back of the stage

Stephanie Ekberg Atwood (84)    Christmas practice with Mrs. Bartz and Mr. Hermann.  Inevitably I get an urge to play board games about the week before Christmas.  Anyone who missed out singing "Glory to God in the Highest" and "While Shepherds Watched Their Flocks" missed  a lifetime at the holidays.

Kathy Jannusch Kline (68)    I was so totally in love with Greg Nissen.  That poor boy!  6th through 8th grade must have been an interesting couple of years for him.  Sorry Greg!

Amy Jo Jackson Tetrev (86)    Christmas plays, sugar cookie Fridays, girls floor hockey, Miss Meilke's memorization of literary terms, Mr. Herman's extra credit gumdrops, 8th grade volleyball champs, and so much more!

Jennifer Bickoff Thompson (86)   The Washington trip was the most fun we ever had at St. Peters.  Mr. Martin and Mr. Fahl were also a blast at Walcamp.  I had wonderful pictures and memories of both.

Michelle Arnoux Ward (89)  Oh, those P.E. uniforms!  Favorite memory: Mr. Martin teaching me to jump-serve in volleyball.

Elly Grandt Dudle (90)    Great memories and so abundant!  Just remember fondly Mr. Martin's Award Banquets, Miss Kramer and our many plays/musicals, fun weeks before Christmas preparing for Christmas performances, and our 8th grade trip to Washington DC.

Meghan Duffy Carlson (91)    I will always remember our 8th grade trip to Washington DC, our trips to the Lutheran State track meets, traveling to volleyball/basketball tournaments, etc. with all of my best friends!  I loved the dances and all of our youth group Friday nights.

Nathan Decker (92)    I vividly recall my first day- 8th grade- Miss Mielke's Literature classes where Erick Strickler introduced me to the whole crew.  I have many fond memories at St. Peter and all of the people I interacted with.

Kristy Grandt Seifert (92)   I loved registration day in August...hoards of students streaming through the doors of Bartz Hall anxiously awaiting a peek at their class lists for the coming school year.  I loved all the sporting events, lock-ins, and other social events that our precious to every teenager.  I also loved the staff.  We were so blessed to be surrounded by such caring and compassionate individuals.  Thanks for everything.

Olivia Forber Ebers (93)    My favorite memory of St. Peter is 3rd grade in Mrs. Prahl's class.  She used to throw candy at us when we were working.  One day she jumped off her desk and acted like a monkey, so we could hear Mrs. Fitzgerald snort as she laughed.

Paula Altenbern (95)    Grandparents Day.  Mrs. Capouch reading to us at the end of the day.  I can still remember these two stories:  One about kids living in a museum and the other about an old lady who became a spy.

Hayley Kolar (95)    Walcamp- mud pit.  Washington Trip- Miss Mielke going down the hall on the luggage rack.  The ski trip