Alumni Trivia Quiz

Test your St. Peter knowledge!

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1. What animal burst through Betty Pohlman's classroom window? 

2. The first mascot of St. Peter was? 

3. One of the oldest traditions in our school was? 

4. What year was the school on Olive Street dedicated? 

5. The occupation of St. Peter's first teacher was: 

6. After the school moved from the building on Northwest Highway, the building was used as: 

7. How many students did St. Peter open with? 

8. The longest serving teacher was Mr. Militzer. For how long did he teach? 

9. Who were the brother/sister team who were once on the faculty? 

10. The first professional teacher received a monthly income of: 

11. What was the flavor of the favorite soda pop served at school picnics? 

12. What was the highest enrollment our school has reached? 

13. How many staff members work at St. Peter school currently? 

14. St. Peter won first in the national cross country meet in what year? 

15. St. Peter won the national blue ribbon award in what year? 

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