Mission Statement


St. Peter Lutheran School is committed to preparing students for a Full Life in Christ by engaging them with a comprehensive, Christian education.

Vision Statement

St. Peter Lutheran School will become a vibrant learning community that is Christ centered, family oriented and simply unparalleled.

Core Values

While also fully embracing the values of our Church, St. Peter Lutheran School pursues its mission and vision by demonstrating the following Core Values:
1. To Cultivate Christian Values and Lifestyles where students are empowered and inspired to lead a full life in Christ
2. To Provide An Academically Rigorous and Inclusive Education that connects the church, school and families in a collaborative learning environment. 
3. To Foster and Maintain a Safe Environment that nurtures students to grow not only academically, but physically, emotionally, spiritually and socially which includes a rich array of extracurricular activities. 
4. To Prepare Students for All Aspects of Life beyond St. Peter by developing their leadership, communication and management skills for a global workplace while encouraging them to be service oriented.